Soviet propaganda posters

Our gallery of soviet time propaganda posters contains numerous thematic motifs related to Russian history, especially communist era. As we know, soviet propaganda created an amazing, imaginary world, used to delude Russian society. One of the forms of propaganda were soviet era posters, ubiquitous on the streets. They showed the reality of that time in colours that were very different than grey and brown. The beautiful and colourful world surrounding proletarians could be seen on almost every propaganda soviet poster. In addition, smiling and happy workers complemented the leading themes of soviet propaganda posters.

Find the right posters for you

Soviet Union posters come from different time periods. In our gallery of soviet art posters, you will find ones that come from the beginning of communist era in Russia, as well as later ones, from post war period. However, a lot of propaganda Soviet Union prints refer to the wartime, when such message was supposed to motivate Soviet society to fight and sacrifice themselves. Soviet soldiers and paramedics on propaganda art encouraged to battle against the Nazi occupant.

USSR propaganda posters 

USRR political posters are post-war motifs, which were supposed to instil and maintain communist order in society. Themes depicted on the posters from USRR era are more familiar to us, we even remember some of them. We mainly can see propaganda art here, praising communist and socialist vision of Europe and the world. So, we offer USRR propaganda workers posters, with people working hard for the glory of the party, posters with work leaders or young pioneers, since childhood supporting socialist ideas of the USRR. USRR propaganda prints are also posters depicting leaders of that era. We can see Lenin and Stalin as fathers of the nation, caring for their country and people.

Posters with post-war motifs

Disregarding their political background and the way Russian propaganda art posters were used, we have to admit that in purely artistic terms they are incredibly interesting decorations. Many of them can be considered works of art, and they definitely can’t be accused of not having artistic taste. After all, they were supposed to draw people’s attention and speak to their consciousness. That’s why the combination of artistic workmanship and interestingly framed message did its job. Whereas today, Russian propaganda posters are a unique and very fashionable vintage-style decoration.

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