Section 1 General Information

  1. store is run by Defto UG, Auf dem Schnorrenberg 2, 53639 Königswinter, Germany, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
  2. These regulations specify the terms of service. Users of the website are required to read the contents of the regulations; making a purchase shall mean that the user accepts the regulations.
  3. All relations resulting from the agreement between and the Customers are subject to the general terms and conditions. Exceptions are considered only in situations where they have been previously agreed upon between the Seller and the Customer in writing or have been specified in these terms and conditions.
  4. When making an order, the customer undertakes to provide full and truthful personal data. In the event of providing false data, the customer shall be liable for any damage resulting from this fact.

Section 2 Conclusion of the agreement

  1. Prints and any other products presented by on the Internet or in other media are not a commercial offer within the meaning of article 534 of the Polish Civil Code, and only an invitation for the customer to make a purchase offer. Purchase offers can be submitted via the website using online forms or in writing to the store's e-mail address.
  2. Złożenie zamówienia w sklepie internetowym jest jednoznaczne z wyrażeniem chęci zawarcia umowy kupna-sprzedaży na zasadach określonych w niniejszym regulaminie oraz w zamówieniu.
  3. When placing an order, the customer is obliged to take into account the total price of the order. All prices given on the website are gross prices, containing 23% VAT and do not include shipping costs.
  4. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to perform the service and fulfil the order, if the products contain content that is against the law, principles of morality or social coexistence. The store also reserves the right to make changes to the prices of goods in the offer, as well as to change the cost of delivery of the ordered items.

Section 3 Payment

  1. Payments for orders can be made in the form of:
    - prepayment by a traditional transfer, via PayPal, by credit card, debit card, transfer via PayLane sp. z o.o. which is located in Gdańsk at ul. Arkońska 6/A3, zip code: 80-387, company number: 0000227278
  2. The Seller reserves the right to accept or refuse certain forms of payment.

Please be advised that for orders over 125 $, a deposit is required.

Section 4 Delivery

  1. The ordered products are sent via a courier company or collected in person at the Customer Service Office, after prior arrangement.
  2. The sending of an e-mail confirming receipt of the order shall be considered to be the beginning of order execution. This happens after the store receives all the information regarding the order.
  3. Three working days shall be considered to be the order execution time in the store.
  4. Delivery costs are calculated for the particular order and are displayed in the configurator.

Section 5 Damage caused during transport:

  1. The Buyer should check the status of the consignment at the time of receipt from the courier. In the event that the content is damaged or shows signs of opening, the receipt should not be signed. Ask the courier to draw up a damage report instead.
  2. The customer shall be obliged to inform the store as soon as possible about an attempt to deliver a damaged parcel.

Section 6 Waiver of liability

  1. The Seller shall not be responsible for the lack of permanent access to the Online Store and the speed of the system, as well as for technical and electronic errors that arose when placing an order if they are caused by factors that the store has no influence on.

Section 7 The right to withdraw from the agreement

  1. The right to withdraw from a distance agreement shall not apply to items which were not prefabricated but manufactured according to the individual specification of the consumer.
  2. All products sold in the store are made to an individual order (design, size) and are not subject to the right to withdraw from the agreement.

Section 8 Complaints

  1. The Seller grants a 24-month warranty on its products. The warranty lasts for 24 months from the date the product is delivered to the Customer.
  2. The Seller provides assembly instructions for the product. Failure to comply with these instructions shall revoke the right to file a complaint.
  3. he Buyer shall immediately, upon noticing that the product does not comply with the agreement, send a written complaint to the following e-mail address
  4. Insignificant deviations of the delivered product from the product offered on the website cannot be the basis for a complaint. The following deviations shall be considered insignificant: slight colour differences, slight size differences, type and quality of the foundation. These compromises are unavoidable in the production process and variations in colour may result from the user's monitor settings. The way the material is divided shall also not be subject to claims if the Buyer did not suggest an unusual division when placing the order.
  5. In the event that the delivered item is considered not in conformity, i.e. it has a defect that reduces its value or usability, or if the product was shipped in an incomplete state, the buyer is entitled to demand for the product to be brought into compliance with the agreement through the means of a free repair or replacing the product with a new one or, in the absence of such possibility—a return of the money paid for the order.
  6. The Seller has the right to demand the return of the defective product from the customer.
  7. Only goods in the state in which they were delivered can be subject to complaints. If the technical defects of a photo print are discovered after it has been installed on a wall, the complaint will not be considered.
  8. Damage caused by incorrect actions or actions inconsistent with the agreement shall not constitute grounds for filing claims against the seller.
  9. We have 14 days to consider your complaint
  10. You have 14 days to withdraw from the contract - but we do not have to return the funds within 14 days.

Section 9 Seller's withdrawal from the agreement

  1. The seller reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days of its conclusion in the event of circumstances beyond the seller's control that could not have been foreseen. The seller's withdrawal from the agreement shall not entitle the customer to any compensation claims. A basis for the withdrawal within the specified period shall also be third party's interference in the store's structure, resulting in changes of the store's functionality, the parameters of the website, the mechanism of placing orders, and the price.
  2. As a customer, you have 14 days to withdraw from the contract for standard products.

Section 10 Privacy Policy

  1. Use of this site requires personal data processing of a client in the following matter: first name and last name, phone number, e-mail, shipping and billing adress. Data will be processed by: Defto UG in a way that is crucial to agreeing on a contract, as well as its fulfillment.
  2. Transaction data, including personal data, can be transferred to PayLane Sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk at Arkońska 6/A3, zip code: 80-387 and shipping companies, on the terms that it will beneficial on in service connected to order payments and shipping, on the terms that it will beneficial on in service connected to order payments. A client has the right to see the content of his data and any corrections made to it. Sharing of information is voluntary, however, at the same time it is crucial to using this site.
  3. Data will be processed by Drukarnia Sp. z o.o. for direct marketing purposes or for services provided by Defto UG,  hereby a client has the right to decline the right to processing his data in this manner. All the client's requirements regarding personal data can be reported to adres :
  4. Defto UG protects personal data from any form of unauthorized sharing, copying and taking by unauthorized personnel, processing in disregard to clauses, and changing, loss, defecting or destroying of data.
  5. Customers may demand transfer of data and it's correction, limitation of data processing and deletion of data. In any case, please contact the Seller via e-mail:

Section 11 Final Provisions

  1. Matters not regulated by the provisions of these Regulations come under the provisions of the Polish Civil Code or other legislation related to the operation of websites and online stores.
  2. reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations.