Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by the extraordinary world of magic that fills Lewis Caroll's novel Alice in Wonderland and the unique illustrations by William Henderson, we have created the most enchanting vintage poster collection in our store. Meet the Mad Hatter, the world curious Alice, the adventurous Queen of Hearts, the clever Cheshire Cat, or maybe you prefer to follow the White Rabbit?


Alice in Wonderland posters

The collection of Alice in Wonderland posters was created for lovers of this amazing novel written by Lewis Caroll. William Henderson's original artwork, which we converted into retro posters, was originally made for The Players Producing Company in Chicago in 1915. Henderson designed for them costumes and sets for a newly emerging theatrical play, based on the unique world created by L. Caroll. Currently, thanks to modern technology and high-quality printing, his amazing illustrations can become a decoration of any interior that lacks a bit of magic.

Fairy tales posters in interior design

Did you dream in your childhood that your room would resemble one of the enchanted lands that were so vividly described in fairy tales read by your parents? Who wasn't doing that! The fairy tale theme has always appeared in children's interior arrangements, but it can also be found more and more often in the designs of living rooms and bedrooms.

Fairy tales offer us an escape from everyday worries and responsibilities. We set the same expectations for our home, where we try to create the perfect asylum and a place to relax. Therefore, when designing your dream space, it is worth looking at illustrations or graphics that were created thanks to inspirations taken from the fairy-tale world. Vintage posters from Alice in Wonderland collection will make a great addition to your gallery of paintings in the living room or above the bed in the bedroom.