Botanical posters

Botanical posters

Botanical art is a quite specific gallery of posters. We’ve gathered a lot of interesting posters with botanical themes there. It’s characterised by several things. Above all, these are not posters with images of plants that we see every day on various decorations. Botanical prints depict plants in a more scientific way. They show their structure, stages of development or its individual forms. Another common point is the style of presentation. The botanical posters from our offer are presented in vintage style. These are not motifs in modern colours and forms. They are more similar to the engravings and drawings from last century.


Plant and botanical themes on retro stylized posters

Plant illustrations are a really interesting form of wall decoration. On one side beautiful, on the other containing a certain element of education. It’s no doubt that floral posters have a lot of beauty in themselves. Diversity of plants, their shapes and colours make it that we like to surround ourselves with them. Both with live plants and their image, e.g. on posters. We like to look at plants, adore them. Every one of us has their favourite plants of groups of plants. That’s why we offer a rich collection of floral wall art. Some of you will find palm posters here, others flower posters or cacti posters. Each plant is depicted as a vintage style illustration and each contains a lot of beauty in itself.

Botanical engravings on posters

Posters with botanical engravings – in addition to being a spectacular decoration – also contain an educative element. These are not simple posters showing a picture of a plant in its natural environment. Botanical prints are a group of illustrations in vintage style, depicting the plants and their botany. So, we can see a tree along with pictures of its leaves and fruits. We can see a palm and illustrations presenting individual stages of its growth. And finally, we can see a graphic depicting different flowers growing in a given region. The botanical engravings gain a lot of charm due to the way they are presented. Thanks to the vintage style illustrations, they resemble plant sketches made by first discoverers and botanists, who traversed unknown lands in search of unfamiliar species.

Vintage style botanical posters

Vintage botanical engravings on the posters are not only a decoration, but also an interesting way of learning. That’s why we recommend retro style botanical posters for your home, but also an office and service or business premises related to the subject of biology and plants. Vintage botanical art will be an interesting wall decoration in such places and will give them a thematic atmosphere.

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