Japanese posters

Japanese posters

Japan is a unique country with original culture and art. Completely different that European, they are often incomprehensible for us, but at the same time intriguing. That’s why many people are fascinated by Japanese culture and like to surround themselves with elements of their art.
Japanese style posters are one of the forms of decoration, with which you can emphasise your interest in Japan. Cheap and easy to frame, you can hang them in any room. Japanese posters will be an adornment of every wall, regardless of style and colour scheme. If you’d like to bring a bit of exoticism to your home, then regardless of interests we propose you to look closer at our gallery of Japanese retro posters.


Japanese art posters

The themes chosen by us for posters with Japanese art are in vintage style. After all, Japanese culture has such a long tradition, that it’s worth drawing from it. Today, we associate Japan with modernity and technology. Whereas the old Japan is a culture of samurais, beautiful buildings, folk costumes. All of this fascinates us to this day. Japanese art on our posters includes both beautiful Japanese landscapes and residents of this unique country. We offer vintage posters with Japanese buildings, peculiar ships, beautiful landscapes and of course blooming cherry flowers. We can appreciate unique pagodas, which are associated with Asia and Japan. Japanese art on posters is also people. Dressed in kimonos, with characteristic hairstyles and fans in hands. Looking at these drawings and paintings, we can feel for a bit like we were in far Japan several hundred years ago.

Japanese motif posters

Japanese motifs on posters – outside of apartments – can also be used as a wall decoration in other premises. Everywhere that we refer to Japan, posters with a Japanese motif can be an ornament which grants the room appropriate atmosphere. So, for example in restaurants serving Japanese cuisine and sushi, or in stores with Asian products and world cuisine.

Vintage Japanese posters

Our company uses the latest printing technology and highest-class paper. Thanks to this, vintage style Japanese posters from our store are characterised by the highest quality of overprint and durability of the product. Overprint on vintage Japanese posters imitates every detail from the specific, often difficult to mimic technique of Japanese drawings. The same with colours used by old Japanese artists.
In turn, the highest-class paper guarantees poster durability, and gives the overprint a bit of delicate gloss. Together, it forms a beautiful wall decoration with a Japanese motif.

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