Old map posters

Old map posters

Old map posters can be an interesting wall decoration in practically any room. Our gallery of posters presents many maps drawn in different times and with various techniques. Thanks to this, they can fit rooms maintained in classic, retro or colonial style, as well as interiors that are more modern.
Old style map posters contain mostly typical historic motifs, with reproductions of maps drawn centuries ago. We suggest these posters for more classical rooms. They will perfectly incorporate themselves with wooden motifs, in a way taking us back in time.


Other posters present more contemporary maps. We can see plans of cities from different parts of Europe and the world on them. These posters will fit even the most modern interior. Especially, if we match themwall art wi with a theme introduced by the room design. So, if we designed a room in an American style, then wall art with maps of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles will be perfect.

Decorate the interior with a vintage poster

Like we mentioned before, if we designed a room thematically, let’s pick a poster with an old map of a place related to this theme for it. Similarly, if we are interested in a country or region. We can decorate walls of our office or living room with vintage map posters then. For example, a bedroom in Scandinavian style can be decorated with maps on retro posters with cities of Sweden, Norway or Denmark.
We can decorate business premises in the same way. If we offer products from e.g. Germany in our store, or our restaurant serves food from Italy, we can emphasise it by hanging posters with old maps of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Napoli, Rome, Milan. Nothing also stops you from going a different way. Why not make a trip across European or American cities in the room and hang a few old maps on posters? Such a collection can fit a hallway. If we have long corridor in the house, we can decorate it e.g. with posters with old maps of European capitals.

World map posters - practical and beautiful decoration

Have you ever wondered, which room will be the best to hang retro style world map posters there? It’s such an interesting decoration that it can be used practically everywhere. Any living room, office or bedroom can be decorated with a retro poster with a world map. Vintage style world map posters can also be a perfect gift for a child or other person who is interested with geography, history or travelling. We can also pick world map prints, when we want do decorate walls of commercial or service premises, as well as an office space.

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