Car posters

Car posters

Posters with cars are a real treat for any fan of automotive. After all, old school cars are a quintessence of automotive hobby. Even those who prefer modern and fast vehicles won’t be able to resist the charm of old cars.
That’s why car posters are so popular among everyone that is fascinated with the automotive industry. Interestingly framed, they can become an adornment of any room. In a clip frame, they will fit a modern interior. Whereas car artwork placed in a classic frame will fit the interiors designed in vintage or retro style.


Posters for the Car Fans

Vintage wall art with cars depicts amazing old cars. Ones that we associate mostly with the development of automotive industry. Our offer includes tons of posters with old school cars from various eras of the 20th century. Among them, there are cars from the 30’s and 40’s, as well as later ones – huge American hogs from the 50’s and later. Of course, our gallery of retro style car posters can’t omit European vehicles as well. Fans of European brands will also find something for themselves. Regardless of the stage of automotive development that we like the most, we can choose a suitable car poster for ourselves.

What are car posters used for?

Vintage automotive prints are very diverse, because they were made in different decades of the last century. Among them, there are automotive posters advertising brands and models, artworks promoting antique car racing, as well as ads for car showrooms and workshops, and photos of cars from the end of the 20th century. Retro cars posters are not only a wall decoration, but also a form of historical trip along the automotive development trail. It’s this diversity – of depicted cars and the way they are presented – that allows for matching the poster with practically any design. Our offer includes car posters maintained in black and white or sepia, there are prints in bright colours and also in toned down shades. But the most important thing in vintage car posters are the amazing machines themselves and their unique charm.

Posters with retro cars

Classic car posters are obviously designed mostly for the male part of our customers, although as we all know, there is also a group of ladies fascinated with automotive. Still, it’s easy to imagine a male room, where the walls are decorated with retro car posters in frames or clip frames. By choosing prints from this gallery, we can create kind of a roadmap of automotive development. You just need to pick several posters with old cars from different eras and decorate the hallway or living room walls with them.

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